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Taylor Observatory/Norton Planetarium

Taylor Observatory/Norton Planetarium is one of Lake County's little known treasures. Located in Kelseyville, California it is owned and operated by the Lake County Office of Education as a valuable tool for teaching science, robotics and astronomy while also encouraging the development of teaching & management skills of high school students. While primarily for use by the schools the public is invited to attend planetarium shows offered on the FOURTH Saturday of each month 8 - 11pm for a modest fee of $5 for adults and $3 for children under 12. You can also reserve the facilities and teaching available for retreats complete with camping facilities. If you would like to gather with other astronomy buffs for activities which support the observatory you can signing up for the mailing list and possibly join 'FOTO' Friends of Taylor Observatory, the nonprofit group which oversees the management of the Observatory. Send an email to: Bill Haddon, PhD President/CEO

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Our next regular meeting: April 13th 6pm at Clearlake City Hall
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Lake County PEG TV (LCPTV) is a public agency created by a Joint Powers Agreement between the City of Clearlake, City of Lakeport and the County of Lake to provide a local Public, Education and Government television station serving Lake County and operating under Federal, State and local laws and regulations.

Lake County PEG Channel's GOAL is to support and promote the development of local television productions focusing on community driven content through education and training, facilities and equipment, and production assistance. With these tools the public will become a stronger, better informed, more open community.

Lake County PEG Channel encourages the community old and young alike to become involved in local education, government and public broadcasting.

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