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Valley Fire Panel 4/16/16
Trial by Fire - September 12, 2016

During the years, 2012-2015 Lake County was ravaged one sector at a time by fire but always skating through with minimal housing damages until last summer (205) the pot boiled over, so to speak, when it seemed we were under attack when 3 major fires occurred one right after another.

It was a fierce fight to protect the towns of Clearlake and Lower Lake during the Rocky and Jerusalem fires at the end of July through August 14th as fire-fighters dug in until after weeks of battling flames the battle was won and everyone slowly started to relax and recover.

When the first plume of smoke appeared on the horizon near Cobb Mtn on 9/12 ... more

CLERC - Clear Lake Environmental Center, Carolyn Ruttan 3/19/16

Carolyn Ruttan is one of those very interesting persons you could listen to for hours talking about plants, water and science. To catch up with her you will have to attend a local Sierra Club meeting or find her traipsing about in the mud along the banks of Clear Lake planting tules, ranting about the Marsh Marigolds & Hydrilla that are invading the native species habitats and her hopes and dreams for the future of Clear Lake but mostly for the future potential of the research that's already begun at the Clear Lake Environmental Research Center concerning the uses of cyanobacteria in cancer research in the medical field to bio-fuels for commercial usage. Carolyn's enthusiasm and passion for science is infectious and inspiring + more ...

Andy Weiss, Manager KPFZ 88.1 FM Lake County's Community Radio 2/20/16
"The Little Community Radio Station that Did"

Andy Weiss, KPFZ Manager + Bonus Footage of Testimonials from Programmers

The topic of this Know Lake County lecture is KPFZ 88.1 FM Lake County's Community Radio's role in the Valley Fire as told by it's manager Andy Weiss, one of the founders and supporters of KPFZ throughout its 20+ year history. KPFZ's well-earned reputation for engaging conversations with the community on current local topics was brightly buffed and polished during the Valley Fire when many of the programmers volunteered to step up and broadcasted live 24/7 the current information of evacuations, road closures, & clothing/furniture distribution centers. Their dedication to helping in the crisis was a gift for those displaced by the fire who clung to their voices as a lifeline during the time of crisis along with the thousands of listeners on the internet who also tuned in. It was an epiphany for many who disapprove of community radio when it became obvious that the selfless volunteer act of of being a beacon to the evacuees earned KPFZ mighty praise all across America as it proved the need for strengthening community wide communication.

In case you are unaware, community radio stations were set up by Congress in 1946 under the jurisdiction of the FCC ... more.

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